How to Join PentagonCity.Net

We are organizing the World Wide Web site called PentagonCity.Net, also known as Pentagon-City.Com.  As the Internet expands, it will be the main means of advertising and communication.  We are offering a FREE listing to every business and organization.  For more Web site consulting or training, we have a very reasonable fee.

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Option: Your Own PentagonCity.Net Site & Email Account

In addition to the above free listing, if you would like your own Web site and email 
address @PentagonCity.Net there is a fee of only $5/month ($60/year).  The Email system 
we offer is very flexible and powerful.  You can use it either as a POP account, 
or check your email with a Web browser, or forward it to another email account.
There is no minimum stay or charge.  Use it only for as long as you like.  We want 
you to be completely satisfied, and to assist you with your Internet Advertising.

Email address you would like to have: @PentagonCity.Net
Web site address you would like: http://PentagonCity.Net/

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Crystal Plaza One, P.O. Box 2816
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703-486-2222 * 877-727-9070 Fax

Other Internet Services

Please let us know if we can also help with:
Web site designers on staff to help create your Web page - $20/hour
Training - so you can make changes to your Web site yourself
Getting your site noticed by listed on the Internet Search Engines
Your own dedicated Full Domain for only $10/month ($120/year)
  plus the Internet Society's Domain Registration fee ($35/year)

CrystalCity.Com & PentagonCity.Net Clients

Some of our clients have started with the $5/month plan, then moved to get their own domain.  For example, moved on to get the domain, which is a bit easier to remember, and generally considered more prestigious on the Web, to have your own domain.

Here is a list of some of C I Corporation's clients:

Domain Crystal City SubDomains
Computer Instructors Corporation
Washington Shakespeare Company
Human Brain Research Laboratory, Inc.
Saigon Crystal Restaurant
First Georgetown Securities
ToastMasters Club
Government Employees Benefits Association
Crystal City JayCees
Jan Hicks Productions
La-Or Beauty Salon
Communications International
Fiber Products Industrial, Inc
Maharishi School of Vedic Science, TM resort
DJ Landscaping
Crystal City SportsPub
Crystal Car Care
CICorp SubDomains Aurora Hills Association
Barrie's Fitness Service
Crystal City Patent Service
Golden Dome
Crystal City Restaurant
Idon Group
Pappas Tenant Association
Corporate Extensions
Crystal Brite Cleaners
National Council on Higher Education
Formosa Restaurant
No Greater Love
Campbell's Gardening Service
Opera Camerata
India Palace Restaurant
Project Management Service Bureau
Crystal City Hilton Hotel
Dr. S.L. Woodard, Howard University
Intellect Computers
Vegetarian Society of D.C.
Crystal Inn
Transcendental Meditation Center
Natural Law Party
Crystal City Metro